2023 Summer Junior Golf Camps at Parformance

In 2023 we plan on expanding our program to 6 camps.  Our camps are completely customizable. All camps are Tuesday through Friday.  Fridays are at Westover Golf Club where your Junior will get a chance to play three to six holes.  Check back at the end of January, 2023 for the exact dates.

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Junior Camp Dates

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All Camps are Tuesday through Friday

Camp Dates will be determined at the end of January, 2023

Hugh Reilly, PGA

Hugh has taught over 10,000 juniors in his camps since 1985.  Your junior can be in no better hands to develop great fundamentals at a very early age so they will have great habits that last a lifetime.

Putting Skee Ball

You don’t have to go to the boardwalk to enjoy your favorite game!  3 levels of difficulty will have you playing this all day long.  No Gambling allowed.

Shooting Gallery!

Sream some 4 irons at the targets.  But be careful they’re moving!

Balloon Pop!

Who doesn’t like poping things?  Take out your anxiety on the balloon pop!  Scream some drivers into the balloons then go get some funnel cake.

Splash Wall!

Smash the ball in to the circle and fill it with paint to win.  Pure braun in the name of the game here, the harder you hit it, the more splash!

Dart Board!

Hone your wedge and iron game with the ever popular dart board.  Accuracy is the key to golf.

Play 50 different courses!

The foresight simulator has over 50 different famous courses like Merion, St. Andrews, and Pebble Beach.  Pictured here is the 7th hole at Pebble.


Camp Schedule

Tuesday (9am to 12 noon) Stretching, Putting, Full Swing, Simulator Games

Wednesday (9am to 12 noon) Rules, Etiquette, Chipping, Virtual Golf

Thursday (9am to 12 noon) Full Swing, 9 holes virtual golf

Friday (8am to 10am) Golf at Westover Golf Club