Who’s Teaching You?  Insist on a bona fide PGA Pro!

The Golf Academy at Parformance is the premiere indoor teaching facility in the Philadelphia area.  We use the most modern golf technology fused with the best drills and philosophies of the past 100 years to sculpt the simplest, most repeatable, and most powerful swing of your life.  No other teaching facility in the Philadelphia area is paired with a Titleist Performance Institute right on site like you’ll find at Parformance.

Director of Instruction, Hugh Reilly Jr, PGA

  After playing for Villanova for all four years, Hugh played on various mini tours in Florida before joining the Philadelphia PGA section in 1992.  Through the years he has many professional victories including the 2011 Haverford Trust Classic with a 7 under par 65, which was the biggest one day tournament in America at that time.  Hugh has been teaching for 30 years.  When you sign up for lessons at Parformance you will be taking lessons from Hugh, not from an inexperienced newbie like at so many of the chain stores.  And because Parformance is new we have set our rates very competitivly.  Hugh’s teaching philosophy is rooted in the fundamentals that have won on tour for the last 50 years, not experimental new fads.  Schedule a swing assesment today.

“Hugh uses video analysis as his main tool in identifying errors in your golf swing and tracking your progress through your lessons.  You will see how your swing compares with tour players and learn how to get into the correct positions for repeatable, successful swings.  Hugh simplifies the golf swing, reducing over complicated swing thoughts and increasing the fun you’ll have on the course! You will learn how to swing athletically with more power, distance and control!”

Contact Hugh to Schedule Your Swing Assessement:

Call or Text: (215) 778-5723

eMail: hugh7117@hotmail.com

Hugh Reilly, PGA

Learn how simple golf can be if done correctly. You will be amazed by how easy it really is. Just look at the pros on TV, they make it look easy right? It can be. But you have to learn just a few simple but crucial fundamentals. Get together with Hugh for a video swing analysis and delve deep into why the golf swing looks so easy to the pros on TV. There is nothing like comparing your swing to the most successful ball strikers in the world to give you the confidence you need to commit to the swing changes and drills you need to do to bring your game to the next level. Hugh will show you, through video analysis from two different positions, DTL(down the line), and FO(face on), how your swing differs from the pros and he’ll show you how simple it is to make the fixes you need, sometimes right from home. He will show you how to make your practice time as efficient as possible. All too often we practice with no clear goal in mind and we dig ourselves deep into a hole. So if you find yourself in a hole, stop digging! Learn how to practice the correct way. Remember, only perfect practice makes perfect. Hugh will give you drills you can do right at home to help prepare your body for the correct athletic move you need to make the swing simple and repeatable once you get to the course. If done right, golf can be easy and enjoyable. If done wrong, it can be immensely frustrating. So before you go out and invest in that new set, get your swing looked at by Hugh, the teacher that the local pros trust with their swing.

Rory and Tiger couldn’t have grown up further apart.  Tiger was a native of Southern California while Rory grew up in chilly Northern Ireland.  But somehow they found virtually the same swing.  Tiger is the leading money winner in the history of the PGA Tour and Rory is the leading money winner in the  history of the European Tour.  This is the way you swing the club.  It is also the easiest and simplest method to learn and to reproduce on the course when the pressure is on.  Come on in and see how close you are.  Through the OnForm video analysis app you can track your progress aver the coming months and see easily what you need to work on.

At Parformance we use video analysis along with the state of the art Foresight GC Quad for precise measurement of both club-head and ball data.  The empirical collection of data allows much faster and more precise correction of the golf swing.  This allows you to practice with purpose and see objective improvement in a way that is far more difficult to obtain outdoors on a traditional range.  The technology also allows you to track your progress with a Foresight sports account.  You will know your numbers for every shot and have access to the information from any computer!

Our Pro

Hugh Reilly, PGA

Hugh played golf at Villanova and upon graduation played the Florida mini tours in the late 80’s and early 90’s.  In 1992 he became a PGA professional.  Working at Twining Valley Golf Club in Dresher, PA, Hugh gave lessons and clinics and ran one of the most successful junior camps in the country teaching between 300 to 500 juniors every year, advancing countless juniors to high school and college golf.  Hugh also enjoys playing a full schedule every year on the local Philadelphia PGA tour.  In 2011 Hugh won the Haverford Trust Classic with a 7 under par 65.  At the time it was the biggest one day purse in America.  Hugh will be giving private lessons, clinics, and Junior camps at Parformance Golf.

Contact Hugh to Schedule Your Swing Assessement:

Call or Text: (215) 778-5723

eMail: hugh7117@hotmail.com


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