The Junior Golf School at
Parformance Oaks

Come in and meet Hugh Reilly, PGA.  Hugh has tought over 10,000 juniors through camps and private lessons since 1985.  You will find nowhere anyone more qualified to guide your up and coming golfer towards his or her goals.  The junior programs are available to all juniors from 5 to18.

The latest in video analysis technology

Onform Video App

Now all lessons are entered into the Onform Video App so you can view evey lesson your junior takes right from home.   Replay the video analysis and read the notes from every session so you can remember what Hugh has you working on.  The system also gives you the oppurtunity to keep track of your or your junior’s swing improvements over time.  This incredible new technology comes included with every lesson.


Why Learn With Hugh?


Teaching Golf for Over 35 Years

Hugh knows what works and what doens’t.  There is no substitute for the fundatmentals.


Over 10,000 Juniors have gone through his schools

And on to High School, College, local PGA junior events, national AJGA tournaments, and to the ranks of professionals


Located in the Heart of Oaks, PA

World class instruction for your junior is available right next door.  No expensive trips to far away golf schools.


World Class Instruction

Teaching kids how to compete on a national and global level.


Our Course Offerings

Summer Junior Camps

10 Weeks

For the budding Tiger in your house we offer 10 weeks of Summer Junior Camps this year!  The camps are for beginners and seasoned juniors alike as the instruction is tailor fit to each junior.  We cover all aspects of the game including stretching, putting, chipping, pitching, full swing, rules, and etiiquette.  The object of these camps is to make your junior feel comfortable on the course and to give them a good fundamental start that will eliminate the most common bad habits.  And they’re really fun too.

Junior Team Training

8 classes

For juniors that have already hit the links and are looking to take their game to the next level in a fun group atmosphere.  Meet new friends and work on your game in a team environment.  Perfect for juniors hoping to play High School or College golf and beyond.  Open to all juniors from 7 to 18.

Available Tuedays and Thursdays at 4pm through the spring.  Student may come one or two times a week.  Contact Hugh at (215)778-5723 for more details.

Private Lessons

Self Paced

One on one time with Hugh that includes video analysis and a more rigorous attention to detail.  Appropriate for total beginners as well as seasoned players alike.  To compete on the national level takes a more comprehensive approach to the game including putting, chipping, full swing, and course managment.

Philly PGA Junior Tour

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American Junior Golf Association

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United States Golf Association

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